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Product Number:SLM630B

Product Code:6953338451140


SLM630B is a Multi-mode LTE wireless module。

Supports the general industrial standard interface。

Supports Voice, SMS, Data and GPS/GLONASS。

Ultra low power consumption and extended temperature range。

Can be design in data card, video monitor, tablet, vehicle equipment。

SLM630B is a multi-mode LTE wireless module, it can be used in


and it can support GPS/GLONASS.

Specification of SLM630B:

TD-LTE: 61Mbps/18Mbps

FDD-LTE: 100Mbps/50Mbps

WCDMA up to DC HSPA+: 42Mbps/5.76Mbps

EVDO up to EVDO RevB: 14.7Mbps/5.4Mbps

TD-SCDMA up to HSPA: 4.2Mbps/2.2Mbps

CDMA1x: 153.6kbps/153.6kbps

GSM up to EDGE: 236.8kbps/236.8kbps

SLM630B supports the general industrial standard interface, supports

voice, SMS, data and GPS. Ultra low power consumption and extended 

temperature range, it can be designed in many kinds of applications, 

such as data card, video monitor, tablet, vehicle equipment。


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